Rapid Clamps used in Fracking

Fracking Quick Connects


Fracking Quick Connects

Example Application - 7" 15ksi Frac Lines


Modern design eliminates the use of sledge hammers when dismanteling the mud pump

Time Saving

Release of the rapid clamp can be achieved in 5 - 20 mins, depending hub size

No Misalignment

Eliminates rework and installation issues that cost a lot of time when re-aligniing


Quick Connects

The GARTECH Quick Connects provides the oil and fracking industry with a unique, quick connect mechanism for high pressure connections (5, 10 & 15K). This eliminates misalignment, significantly reducing make up time typically associated with conventional systems that are bolted or studded.

Rapid Clamp
Rapid Clamps used in Fracing

Quick Connect Features

Fully compatible

Fully compatible with any API standard hub size and pressure rating

Easily retained

Can be easily retained on either side of the hub connection

Standard wells

Compatible with standard wells site make up tools

Multiple seal assemblies

Standard BX Gasket or unique reusable seal carrier featuring metal to metal primary seal with secondary elastomer back up seal

Size variety

All sizes from to