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The GARTECH team have a history of developing leading edge products to address a number of oil & gas areas; mud pumps; fracking; valves; quick couplers and hydraulic motor/s pumps. Most of our products are patented, demonstrating our innovative thinking. Our focus is to make products better, easier and safer to use. In the case of the hydraulic motors & pumps, working with renewable technologies to reduce carbon footprint.

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GARTECH Patented Pump &
Hydraulic Products

Using the GARTECH Hydaulic Motor or Pump or a combination thereof, the unit allows for the generation of hydraulic flow and pressure, utilizing renewable energy sources, including

Screwed Rod Link utilizes a thread mechanism to release and lock the assembly between the Pony Rod and the Plunger. Removal of the Rod Link allows expedient maintenance of the plun

An innovative plug retention device replacing the current screwed / hammer nut devices. The unit can be retrofitted to EXISTING fluid ends. A single central bolt activates the syst

An innovative double acting pump concept. The piston action creating flow in both directions !!. The result is an INCREASE in flow rate while maintaining pressure output and a REDU

An innovative approach to Mud Pump Fluid Ends. The design is lighter in weight, smaller in footprint and easier to manufacture than current fluid ends. The design can be retrofitte

A new innovation either refurbishing existing fluid ends (subject to initial condition), or as a new fluid end with a significantly reduced manufacturing cost !. The revised fluid

A revised look at the Plug Valve makeup. As higher-pressure demands are made, the existing conventional constructions are proving less and less suitable, with valves failing in a r

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Engineering solutions from design to manufacture

At Gartech we design, manufacture and patent our in-house products as well as commissioned client bespoke projects. Our products are engineered to improve performance, safety and durability whilst reducing environmental impact, maintenance and procurement costs.

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Our extensive product range; from single component supply through to major capital equipment items are currently being successfully used worldwide.


Drilling, mud pump and hydraulic motor solutions from micro to macro.

Double Energized Seal Gate Valve
Double Energized Sealed Plug Valve
A range of connecting blocks with API hub adaptors to work in conjunction with GARTECH's quick connect units. Available to suit bore and pressure requirements.

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Quick Connecting of API hubs. Designs cater for size and pressure. Contact GARTECH LLC for further details
An innovative range of hydraulic motors and pump. Infinitely scalable design especially suited to high torque low speed operations. Suitable for renewable energy, heavy industrial and mechanical tranmission systems
A range of quick connect devices to be used with API style connection hubs. The units provide substantial contact to the hub mating surfaces and can be left in place during maintenance. Simple screwed features activate the jaws ensuring consistent safe locking action. For further details contact gartech-llc.com

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A new development in plug retention (mud pumps). The unit replaces the current screwed devices with a simple single bolt operated system providing consistency of tightening,added safety and installed in less than 1 minute !!!. Contact gartech-llc.com for details

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Based on refurbishing CURRENT fluid ends. GARTECH have improved the flow path and check valves for more efficient pumping and easier servicing. Utilizes the GARTECH liner retention system. Contact gartech-llc for further detal

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A range of retrofittable expendable products to suit most popular brands, with specifications to improve on the original equipment specification.

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Contact GARTECH if you have any queries about our mud pump products, hydraulic motors or to discuss a bespoke project.

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    Exellent products

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