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Plug Valves


GARTECH Plug Valves

An improved design with double energized sealing arrangements, reducing significantly valve washout.


Precision machining component construction

Has a secondary energized seal helping isolate the flow path from the valve cavity, reducing grease washout.

Design I suitable for high pressure application up to 15000 psi (subject to valve size)


¼ turn operation

Various style operators can be applied – pneumatic; hydraulic; mechanical

Grease packing via high pressure autoclave style fittings.

Easy Maintenance

Once assembled the grease is protected from washout with a secondary energised sealing arrangement

Extended life of valve operation.


GARTECH Plug Valves

A revised look at the Plug Valve makeup. As higher-pressure demands are made, the existing conventional constructions are proving less and less suitable, with valves failing in a relatively short time, mainly due to grease washout during operation. Once the grease is lost, corrosion and leakage set in, resulting in premature failure of the valve. GARTECH have redesigned the valve to enhance the single energized conventional sealing in the flow path, with a second energized sealing arrangement, which provides further isolation between the flow and the valve cavity. The isolation is provided across the ¼ turn movement of the valve providing consistent sealing and protecting the valve cavity.

Gartech Plug Valve
Plug Valve
Plug Valve