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Mud Pump Double Wedge Rod Link


Double Wedge Rod Link

The rod link system is retrofittable to any existing Mud Pump Application


The double wedge rod link provides an easily installed system, providing a positive locking between the pony rod and plunger.

Time Saving

The double wedge rod link assembly is operated, releasing and tightening the assembly in seconds utilizing the existing mud pump crosspins and water systems.

Easy Maintenance

The double wedge rod link unit is assessed from the top of the pump and operated with standard hand tools.


Double Wedge Rod Link Assembly

The GARTECH Rod Link Assembly system benefits the oil and gas drilling industry by using a smarter system to connect the piston & pump. This system significantly improves safety and installaion / maintanance time as individual rod pieces can be removed and replaced for fast access to the Fluid End.

double wedge locking rod Link

Double Wedge Rod Link Features

No Clamping

No Bolting

Rod Link Assembly

Less Weight

One Tool Installation