Lightweight Mud Pump Fluid End


Lightweight Mud Pump Fluid Ends

A range of mud pump fluid ends products to suit most common mud pumps in the industry today.


Comprising of 2 horizontal cylindrical bores, the bores connected via a smooth ‘Y’ profile connecting to the plunger / piston bore.

The geometric profile allows the fluid end to be smaller when compared to existing fluid ends. Consequently, with it being smaller the weight is reduced.

Cost Saving

Simpler machining reducing manufacturing cost.

Smaller size resulting in less material cost.

Simpler construction resulting in less maintenance time.

Easy Maintenance

The construction of the Lightweight Fluid End allows for the inclusion of GARTECH’s single cartridge check valve.

Flow path construction is all metal-to-metal face contact, supported with secondary elastomer sealing to reduce / eliminate washout.

All components are accessed horizontally from the front of the pump.


Lightweight Fluid Ends

A new innovation in fluid ends. Why have all the complicated, expensive and heavy fluid ends when a new direction can be so much simpler and cost effective without sacrificing performance. GARTECH have taken all the flow path details and reconfigured the fluid end to be smaller, cheaper to manufacture and lighter in weight, when compared to conventional setups.