Gartech Quintuplex Frac Replacement Fluid End

Fracking Refurbished Fluid End


Fracking Fluid

Utilizes exisitng spent frac fluid ends (subject to erosion and crack review), resulting in replacement at a fraction of the cost of original OEM units.

Remachine / New Manufacture

Subject to review of ‘old’ fluid ends (in respect of erosion wear and fatigue cracking), it is possible to refurbish old fluid ends to a new standard.

Alternatively new fluid ends can be sort but with significantly simpler manufacture resulting in cost savings, when compared to existing manufacturing routes.


The revised fluid ends operate at the same pressure and flowrates and have exactly the same external component interfaces, meaning the GARTECH units can fit your exisitng pumps.

Having considered the fatigue cracking and erosion issues of existing setups GARTECH provide a solution which increases life expectancy and reducing eliminating erosion and washout potential , the overall result being an extended life fluid end with less chance of failure.


A major problem of current fluid end is check valve maintenance where current check valves can fail after a short period of running.

The revised Fluid End from GARTECH provides a check valve system which is easily accessed from the top of the fluid ends removing the check valves as a complete unit and simply replacing a new unit. The check valve itself optimised for improved flow and valve guidance resulting in extended life.

Operator safety is also dramatically improved with simple hand tools or impact wrenches to effect installation and maintenance. No need to pinch bars or sledge hammers !!.


Fracking Fluid Ends

Have you ever thought, what a waste of fluid ends are, once they fail after only a few hundred hours of operation ?, replacing with expensive OEM units. in either high grade carbon steel or the more expensive stainless units.

GARTECH have a new approach for both triplex and quintuplex configurations. Subject to an initial review for erosion and cracking, GARTECH can refurbish spent fluid ends improving the flow and pressure loss characteristics while reducing future fatigue cracking (although not eliminating), extending the life of worn units.

Should the worn units be too damaged, GARTECH offer newly manufactured units with considerably less complicated manufacturing, resulting in a cost saving solution to replacing OEM units.

Refurbished Fracking Fluid End
Gartech Triple Frac Replacement Fluid End
Gartech Triple Frac Replacement Fluid End
Gartech Quintuplex Frac Replacement Fluid End