Plug Retention System


Plug Retention System

The plug retention system is retrofittable to any existing Mud Pump Application


The unit is tightened and released by a single central bolt. The bolt can be tightened with a manual socket / torque wrench, or with an impact wrench.

Tightening is consistent based on the setting torque (400 ft lb).

Unit provides positive locking indication ensuring unit is correctly located.

Time Saving

A single bolt tightens / releases the assembly, using hand tools or impact wrench.

The unit is operated by a single person.

Assembly and removal is achieved in less than 2 minutes (including plug removal).

Standard Torque Tools

The system utilizes standard hand tools (sockets & torque wrench) or impact wrench.


Plug Retention System

The plug retention system replacing existing threaded collar / screwed nut arrangements for Mud Pump Fluid Ends. The system provides for a simpler operation and consistent tightening of the plug. Tests have shown the plug can be installed, tightened (for sealing) and disassembled in less than 2 minutes !!.

Plug Retention Features


Inbuilt safety features

Fewer Parts

Faster to install and faster to maintain and service

Smaller Bolts

Easily remove the connections with out the need to use a sledge hammer

No Specialist Tools

Standard torque tools can be used to access the plug retention system

Auto Torque Feature