L Shaped Mud Pump Fluid End


L-Shaped Mud Pump Fluid Ends

A range of mud pump fluid ends products to suit most common mud pumps in the industry today.


The GARTECH design, removes all the existing bore features replaced with a single cylindrical bore.

EXISTING Fluid ends can be used (such to wear and cracking review), thereby extending the life of the fluid end. Alternatively new fluid ends can be created with significantly simpler machining resulting in reduced costs.

Cost Saving

Fluid end machining simpler. Old fluid ends can be refurbished (subject to condition review)

Flow path construction with check valves and plugs considerably simpler, resulting in reduced maintenance time.

Easy Maintenance

The fluid end construction is completely revised, utilizing simple wedge details to lock the fluid end components in place. Cartridge style fluid ends are installed and removed as a complete unit.

Sacrificial flow lugs control the flow path. Assembled check valve and flow plug provide full metal to metal contact with secondary elastomer sealing reducing washout potential, significantly. All components are easily access either vertically (discharge) or horizontally from the front of the pump (suction).


L Shaped Fluid Ends

GARTECH have developed a design which uses either refurbished fluid ends (subject to wear and cracking review), or create a new simpler fluid end from new. The result is cost savings at a number of levels. The design reconsiders the full flow path of fluid and allows for increased bores and ease of replacement of the check valves. The result is easily replaced parts and reduced pressure losses, getting pumps back into service as quick as possible.

L Shaped Mud Pump Fluid End