Fracking Rapid Connects

Gate Valves


GARTECH Gate Valves

An improved design with double energized sealing arrangements, reducing significantly valve washout.


Secondary energized sealing

Reduced cavity volume, reducing grease packing

Conventional Top and Bottom Bonnets with associated gland sealing


Conventionally operated via pneumatic; hydraulic or manual operators

Available in a wide range of sizes and pressures

Easy Maintenance

Reduced volume of grease packing required.

Secondary sealing provides additional sealing capacity reducing grease washout


GARTECH Gate Valves

Based on a conventional Gate Valve design, GARTECH have developed a secondary energized sealing arrangement to support the primary energized sealing in the flow path. The benefit of the secondary sealing is it provides an isolation zone around primary sealing, such that should there be leakage with the primary sealing, the secondary sealing provides redundancy protection, resulting in reduced washout of the grease packing. The valve uses additional slabs to either side of the primary energized seals reducing the internal cavity, requiring less grease packing.

Gartech Gate Valve
Gate Valve