Fluid Ends

L Shaped Fluid End
GARTECH have developed a design which uses either refurbished fluid ends (subject to wear and cracking review), or create a new simpler fluid end from new. The result is cost casings at a number of levels.
The design reconsiders the full flow path of fluid and allows for increased bores and ease of replacement of the check valves.
The result is easily replaced parts and reduced pressure losses, getting pumps back into service as quick as possible. Read More

Lightweight Fluid End

A new innovation in fluid ends. Why have all the complicate, expensive and heavy fluid ends when a new direction can be so much simpler and cost effective without sacrificing performance.
GARTECH have taken all the flow path details and reconfigured the fluid end to be smaller, cheaper to manufacture and lighter in weight, when compared to conventional setups. Read More


Plug Retention System

The system provides for a simpler operation and consistent tightening of the plug. Tests have shown the plug can be installed, tightened (for sealing) and disassembled in less than 2 minutes !!. Read More

Liner Retainer

A revised Liner Retention device to replace existing cumbersome units. The unit proves Liner Retention for CURRENT Liners, i.e. no new Liner designs required. Read More

Screwed Rod Links
A simple screwed device to interface between the plunger and pony rod for maintenance assistance. Does not require any specialist tools to be fitted and removed. Read More

Double Wedge Rod Links
The GARTECH Rod Link Assembly system benefits the oil and gas drilling industry by using a smarter system to connect the piston & pump
Read More

Check Valves
A new concept in Check Valves. Fitting these style of Check Valves does require a revised fluid end (see L Shaped Fluid Ends), but these can either be modified from exisitng or more cost-effective new units produced.  Read More

Mud pump system


Mud Pump Innovation

A new concept in Mud Pump, with the intension of increasing flow, easier maintenance, smaller footprint when compared to existing comparable horsepower mud pumps. The design is also highly scalable meaning bespoke performance pumps can be easily achieved. Read More