High Pressure Quick Connect


High Pressure Quick Connect

A new development with regard to connecting large diameter piping for high pressure application, utilizing hub style pipe end profiles.


The main unit fits over the hub connection, and once the jaws are engaged provide a positive lock to the hub connection.

Time Saving

The integrated jaws move onto the hub profile, securing the sealed joint and holding the hubs together. Designs are available up to 15000 psi operation.

The quick connect can be installed and tightened typically in less than 30 minutes.

The quick connect can remain assembled to one side of the pipe connection during maintenance if required.


Simply operated with a high torque drive, the jaws clamp down onto a profiled hub, initially drawing the hubs together to create the seal and once fully torque provide the retention clamping forces for a secure joint.

The quick can remain with a preferred section of pipe / hub during maintenance negating the need for full removal.

Joint makeup is typically less than 30 minutes.


High Pressure Quick Connect

The GARTECH quick connect unit is designed to reduce maintenance times during joint make-up. The pipe joint can have an API hub profile (API 16A) and appropriate BX style sealing ring, or GARTECH have special profiles, e.g. reduced hub diameter, to customer requirements.

Rapid Clamp

Frac Connection Skid Unit Features

Frack Connection Skid Unit
  1. Single Skid
  2. No Valves
  3. Craneless Operation
  4. Single Well
  5. Less Wear & Tear
  6. Multiple Well Support

Example of High Pressure Quick Connect Features

Single Skid

No Valves

Crane less operation

Fracking High Pressure Quick Connect

Single Well

Only one active well under pressure

Less Wear & Tear

Significantly less wear & tear

Multiple Well Support

Supports 4 wells