Mud Pump Screwed Rod Link


Mud Pump Screwed Rod Link

The rod link system is retrofittable to any existing Mud Pump Application


The unit provides a positive locking between the plunger and pony rods.

Existing water- cooling arrangements can be retained along with existing crosspins locators. When tightened the unit positively locks the plunger and pony rods in place.

Time Saving

Releasing the locking device is achieved in seconds, resulting in reduced maintenance time. Locking the assembly again is achieved in seconds. Overall maintenance time is reduced with the added benefit of no specialist tools required to operate.

Easy Maintenance

The Rod Locking device is a self-contained unit. Operated by turning a screw thread the outer inserts engage with the plunger and pony rods via crosspins. Once loosened the crosspins can be removed and the Rod Link Assembly removed. Refitting is a simple reverse procedure.


Screwed Rod Link Assembly

A simple screwed device to interface between the plunger and pony rod for maintenance assistance. Utilizing a threaded arrangement, the device provides a position lock between the plunger and pony rod when tightened. Releasing the lock, the assembly can be removed allowing access to the plunger / liner for maintenance. Does not require any specialist tools to be fitted and removed.

Screwed Rod Link Assembly

Screwed Rod Link Features

No Clamping

No Bolting

Less Weight

One Tool Installation